Gibson es 333

Gibson ES 333

Gibson es 333

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Model: Gibson ES-333

Mfr Date: August 2002 (No longer in production)

Color: Translucent Red (Faded Cherry)

Pickups: Came with Stock 490R/498T Uncovered Humbuckers

See Gibson’s Page here.

Hear this guitar here!!!

Recording Setup: Guitar>TS-9 (in pedalboard)>Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb>SM57>Korg D-888 Multitrack>Mixed in Acoustica’s Mixcraft


9/25/07 Installed Grover 18:1 Nickel tuners (pn 102-18N)

9/25/07 Replaced stock pickups with Skatterbrane PAF Replicas. Check them out here.

9/25/07 Installed a short style ES-335 pickguard and mounting bracket from Parts Is Parts. Check them out here.

9/25/07 Replaced pots and caps with a Vintage Upgrade kit from RS Guitarworks. Check them out here.

9/25/07 Installed black top hat knobs and a black switch tip.

9/25/07 Slicked up the satin style finish with Meguiars #7 auto polish and a lot of elbow grease.

10/04/07 Found that the bridge pickup was a little harsh. Tried some different cap values but was unimpressed with the change. Changed the bridge pots to CTS 250k Audio taper for tone and 250k Linear taper for volume. Found this to help pretty well and the tone pot kicks in sooner and is more usable through its range.

10/06/07 Wanted to work on keeping the neck pickup crisp when the volume is rolled down. Installed a 560pf cap across the leads on the volume pot (treble bleed circuit) and it works great.

12/09/07 Was doing a gig the other night and made a couple observations. There were some times that I was hoping to deactivate the treble bleed circuit. So I installed a toggle switch under the pickguard just like a did on my Les Paul. Here’s the page about that mod. But in this guitar, I didn’t use a resistor. I just used the 560pf cap.

12/09/07 Also noticed that more than once I had trouble getting the push/push pot on the neck tone to deactivate. Figured if I was going to be in this guitar with a soldering iron anyway, I may as well replace it with a push/pull that would be more reliable. Got one from GC today, but they only had long shaft. I got it spaced down with a second nut but there wasn’t an overabundance of room left. Best to get short shafts unless you’re in a bind.


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