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Jeff Beck Black les paul

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The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Black Royale delivers the signature sound of what many consider to be the ultimate solid body guitar. The original Les Paul Standard was the brainchild of famed ’50’s guitar innovator and Vice President of Gibson and Epiphone, Ted McCarty. First issued in 1957, the Les Paul Standard was the next step in the ever-evolving design of the original “Les Paul” guitar that McCarty and Les Paul first designed in 1952. The “Les Paul” guitar immediately became a sensation thanks to Les Paul’s tv show and dozens of hit records with wife Mary Ford. Rockers like Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry and electric blues pioneers Muddy Waters and Freddy King reached for “Les Pauls” early in their career.

However, McCarty and Paul knew that the “Les Paul” design, as great as it was, was only the beginning in their quest to make a guitar that could, in Les Paul’s words, “sustain for days.” Then in 1957, with the help of Seth Lover’s humbucker pickup, the Les Paul Standard brought that dream into reality. Not only did humbuckers give the Les Paul Standard incredible sustain (and buck the hum!) but it also gave players unheard tones with complex overdrive sounds. The Les Paul Standard quickly became a favorite of blues, rock, and country players and would eventually become the standard must-have guitar for everyone from Jeff Beck les paul to Jimmy Page to Zakk Wylde. And now Epiphone’s Les Paul Standard Royale makes this must-have guitar affordable with all the original trademarks.


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