Gibson es 333 memphis

Gibson ES 333

Gibson es 333 memphis

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ES333 Memphis Series Electric Guitar

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Features and Specs
Body: Laminated figured Maple
Neck: Mahogany
Neck Profile: 1960 slim taper
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Dot
Scale Length: 24 in.
Nut Width: 1 11/16 in.
Binding: Single-ply top, back and fingerboard
Bridge: ABR
Tailpiece: Stop bar
Hardware: Nickel
Pickups: 490R and 498T humbuckers

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User Reviews

Review by Joshua Polak


I can play many styles of music on this guitar. I put heavier strings on it and had no trouble resetting the intonation with this bridge.


Very nice clean sound. As always with electrics, get a good amp!


My 17 year old son thinks the guitar is ugly. I think it’s beautiful! To each his own.


Gibson’s necks (rosewood in this case)play more like traditional guitars than Fenders and that’s good for me cause I’m primarily an acoustic player.


I can’t understand why the ES-335 is $1100+ more than this ES-333. I know the pick-ups are different but not better on the 335 and the 335 is a full gloss with some inlay but this guitar is really fine! Seems like a real good value to me.

Other Comments

I’d love to get some other feedback on this guitar because I know more about acoustic flattops than archtop electrics. I can only tell you that I played every electric in the shop and I ended up with this one.

Review by Jim


Plays great, sounds better.


Really a great sounding guitar. If you haven’t used a semi-hollow body, you are missing it. Blends with well with other instruments, but will cut through when you want it to. Wonderful with an tube amp.


I don’t care for satin finishes, so I CAREFULLY buffed it to a shine. I also add nickel pickup covers, which was inexpensive, and dressed it up just enough, and evened out the tone just a little. I like the bound neck better than the 335 dot, but that is just personal preference. Also replaced knobs with gold top hats. Now it looks classy without being gaudy.


There is nothing like a good American Made guitar!


With proper care, this guitar will last a lifetime.


EVERY guitar, regardless of price rage, needs to be setup, frets leveled, neck adjusted and so on, when new. This guitar was no exception. Gibson saved money on factory setup on this model, but who cares, you have to have it setup anyway. The construction and materials are the same as any es335. I think this is the best value Gibson Semi-hollow body out there.

Gibson Guitar Gibson Es333 Memphis Series Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with Gig Bag

My Memphis Meadowlark
Written: Jul 21 ’06
Pros:versatile, sustain-o-plenty, beautiful stock pickups
Cons:little heavy, somewhat awkward to play sitting.
The Bottom Line: Sound. Sound. Sound. This guitar sounds EXACTLY the way I want it to. It has yet to disappoint.

notes: No whammy bar, Floating bridge, no pick guard, ‘f’ holes

I’m going to come right out and say it; I LOVE this guitar. LOVE. I actually named her. She puts my old guitar (ESP LTD H-100) to shame, I’ll explain why in a bit.

I waited a few weeks before I wrote this review, and frankly I’m glad I did. I’ve had time to monkey around with all the knobs and switches on this guitar and get used to the feel. All in all there wasn’t much to get used to, it felt quite natural to me. Before I bought this guitar, I Tried out a Gibson Firebird V. The Firebird was very top heavy and felt awkward to play, which was a serious con for me, because if it doesn’t sound good or feel good then there’s no point in spending ‘x’ amount of dollars on it.

The neck is a little bit wider than my ESP’s, this gives it an acoustic kind of feel. However, this neck is still very playable, but may not be your cup of tea for people who have smaller hands i.e. carnies. The double cut aways on the body allow you to climb easily up the neck, it’s almost like a cross between an acoustic and an electric. That being said, it just fit my hands and felt comfortable.

The Body is a work of art. The graceful curves and relatively slim profile is how this guitar begs you to play her. The body is broader than most guitars i.e. fender strat or Gibson Les Paul, but this didn’t bother me. The only time this became an issue was when I was seated and playing for a long time (I play on the end of my bed) I just found that my arm started to cramp up after a while but I’d attribute that to posture rather than the body construction.
The only thing out of the ordinary for the body is that the back is not concaved like a strat’s, so when you’re standing up it’s like your playing an acoustic, but not as bulky as one.

The over all construction of this guitar is great. The tuners stay in tune, the action is JUST right, and the floating bridge is fine (a feature on my ESP I enjoyed; allowed for easy palm muting)

Now we get to the meat of it. Sound. After all, that is why we buy the instruments we buy is it not? This guitar sings like a meadowlark, I kid you not. She has a very distinctive and pleasing voice.
The bridge pick up is good for a more rocky kind of sound or a lead. you can do a lot with this position depending on gain. Anything from ‘house of the rising sun’ to heavier rock (not stuff like old metallica or pantera… but what’d you expect from a blues guitar?)
The middle pick up is the Jack of all trades. You can control the bridge volume, neck volume, bridge tone and neck tone all with their respective knobs to get just that sound you want. I’ll be honest I haven’t found it THAT useful YET but I know this features WILL come in handy.
The neck pick up is where this guitar really shines. I find it gives a really beautiful mellow blues sound. I can not say enough about the sound here. With the length of the sustain this guitar allows you, you can hold your notes to get some fantastic long moaning bends or deep resonating harmonics out of this selection. [b] To really appreciate the pickups on this guitar you MUST try it out[/b] The pickups in general are hot, but whether or not this is good or bad depends on taste.

I spent a lot of time picking this guitar out. In fact, I spent months. I visited the guitar shop at least 4 times and tried out other guitars (tele thinline, American tele, Gretsch electromatic, Les Paul, Firebird V and VII, and ES-335) and this guitar came out on top every single time. I found the finish on the neck of the ES-335 didn’t feel that great, and that the sound wasn’t that much better if better at all from the ES-333. The 333 is a guitar that MUST be played and if you get the opportunity to, do it. I cannot find any serious cons about this guitar. Nothing makes me go “GASP! THAT IS A BLASPHEMOUS FLAW IN CONSTRUCTION!” or “GASP! WHAT AN UGLY SOUND!” Try it out. you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m not just another person who writes a review trying to convince myself and others that this guitar is great. I need no convincing. This guitar is well made and worth every single cent I paid.


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