Gibson es 333 pickups

Gibson ES 333

Gibson es 333 pickups

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Posted 18 April 2010 – 07:11 AM
I recently picked up an ES 333 on trade. Not super familiar with this particular guitar’s history, but I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if these guitars ever came with pickup covers? Every stock photo I’ve seen lacks them.

The previous owner believes it to be an ’02 or ’03 – and it looks like the guitar has been polished, as I’ve heard these originally had a satin finish.

Some have the covers on:

That is one beautiful 333 you have there. Mine is the natural finsh but came with uncovered pickups. I now have covered 57 classics in it which I think sound great

Thanks guys – I’m really pleased with the guitar! The previous owner wasn’t really sure when I asked if they were the original pickups… and of course I was kinda hoping that someone had done an upgrade

I was totally stoked when Gibby released the last round of 333s. The perfect Workingman’s 335. I was really bummed when they did not sell well and were discontinued.
I have one I bought in Monterey, CA in 2004 and consider myself one lucky man. The neck on my 333 is as close to guitar neck nirvana as I can get.

I think it was the other way around, they sold too well and cut into 335 sales. After discontinuing them, Gibson released the 335 satin, which is the same thing except without any neck binding, and for a much higher selling price. Gotta have neck binding.

They came stock with uncovered 498T/490R pickups (double black), however, many people added covers.

I added Duncan Seth Lovers to mine. I sold it and am in the market for another (brown) one.

FS: 2001 Gibson ES-333 with Bareknuckle Mules – £925 plus delivery
As there are some possible employment issues in the near future, I’ve decided to sell this lovely guitar. It’s a 2001 Gibson ES-333 in cherry. Previous owner had wiring upgraded along with the installation of Bareknuckle Mules (aged nickel). Action is medium, could come down if you wanted it. A fret dress was also carried out. The guitar has a satin finish which has been polished up in areas through playing. Gibson Deluxe tuners installed as standard. Pretty much the only issue is the nut. It’s cut a little higher than I’d like, doesn’t really affect the playing negatively, just a personal quirk of mine. If I were keeping this guitar, I’d have a bone nut installed.

The guitar is in pretty good condition, no major flaws, mostly swirl marks from playing. The neck is not too fat, not too thin. Definitely not a full baseball bat neck!

The guitar comes with a Kinsman hard case in good condition with the key.

Price: £925 plus any courier fees. There is limited opportunity for people to try it out at my place simply because I work most weekends. I’m free this weekend and that’s pretty much the only weekend for the next three months!

Payment by Paypal Gift, bank transfer, or cash. Price is firm as the pickups are a substantial upgrade. No trades please.

Just realized from your photobucket username that I bought an ibanez delay pedal from you on ebay last year! Small world.
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