Gibson es 333 price

Gibson ES 333

Gibson es 333 price

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Gibson ES-333 price check
All original cherry Gibson ES-333 with soft case in nearly new condition. What is the actual going rate on these guys? The price on the table is $1100.

The reason why I ask is because these dudes are kinda rare and I just don’t know. I’m thinking I’d probably change the pups (used) and add a pickguard so that’s about $200 I’d be adding to the price… I might pick up a hardcase too so there’s another $100.

What ya think?

I’d offer $1,000 cash. They did sell for $1,199 new with a gig bag at MF before MF blew them out for $749 in fall 2003, so $1,100 seems a lot for a used one. However, to keep it in perspective, if the seller won’t come down $100 and you spend $300 more for a case and pickups, you’re still only at $1,400. I haven’t seen any used 335s going for under $2,000 recently, let alone $1,400. Good luck!

I think around $1000 is the average price. Because of having neck binding, I like the ES333 better than the more expensive satin finish ES335. I would probably have one if it came with a 50’s neck instead of a 60’s.
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He had it at $1250 and I offered $1050. He countered $1100…

$110 is fair, they are out of production and you won’t get a real 335 anywhere near that price.

I bought mine used for around $1100 (with a case) and fixed it up a bit. They are great guitars and perfect for modding.

The natural is the most popular, then the brown (my personal favorite) and the burst seems to bring in a little less $$, I think because that finish doesn’t looks as good in faded.

Here’s mine.

Tattooed Carrot…
I have seen those pictures and I must say you have done a great job. Inspiring really. Where did you get your pickgaurd and bracket?

I luckily snagged a blonde/natural ES-333 with a hardshell case for $1095 after weeks and weeks of searching. The previous owner had “upgraded” all the parts to gold hardware, including the TP6 fine tuning tailpiece and adding gold pickup covers.

I was able to pull most of the gold hardware (left the gold grovers on and the thumbwheels for the ABR, since the tuners were heavily tarnished and the wheels were a non-issue for me) and sell it off in favor of a nickel Tonepros bridge and tailpiece. I swapped the stock knobs for genuine Gibson amber knobs ($11), and I pulled the original 496/498 ceramic pickups, sold them off at a decent price, and grabbed a used Lollar Low Wind Imperial for the neck and a regular Classic ’57 for the bridge. All in all, I only spent about $100 out of pocket and I’ve turned the guitar into a monster, both in aesthetics and tone.

They are fantastic guitars for the money.

I’ll see how it goes but if I did change anything then I’m planning on adding a pickgaurd, probably 57 Classics or Vintage 59 pups, black top hat knobs, and changing the pots to four 500k’s.

I got my 333 for $1100 with case and SD seth lovers added. I still look at ebay from time to time to see what they are listing for. it’s usually more than the $1100 you have currently negotiated to. I would get it if I were you and you liked it.

good luck,

They certainly tend to go for more than $1100 on ebay, so it is a fair price. One might be willing to go lower, but one might not as well… I’ve watched them for a while and seen them go as much as $1600-$1800. Most of the time around $1400 on ebay.

That said, I bought mine in 2005 on ebay for a mere $700, so deals exist! I’ve never seen one for that little since, though.

I really love mine. I recently had someone offer me a beautiful ’78 les paul for it and had to turn it down because I just could bear to part with my es-333.


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