Tom delonge gibson es-333

Gibson ES 333

Tom delonge gibson es-333

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Tom Delonge Signature ES-333

Built to the Blink-182 guitarist’s specifications, the new semi-hollow body combines traditional ES construction and styling with the high-output tone and crunch of a Gibson USA Dirty Fingers humbucking pickup.

Hello there!

I have been playing with my Epiphone ES-333 (Tom Delonge signature) for quite some time now, i absolutly love it.
And i need a good back up guitar for gigs, so i have been thinking about getting an Gibson ES-333.
But i don’t know if it’s worth it if it feels and sounds the same..
In my hometown here in Sweden it don’t have any chance to try the Gibson..

What’s the diffrence between the Epiphone and the Gibson? Feel, quality etc..

I don’t play either guitar, but here are a few differences I’ve found:

-Gibson has the P90 pickups, while the Epiphone has only 1 Gibson Dirty Fingers humbucker. As a result, the Epiphone only has a single knob
-the Epiphone has “dot” fret inlays vs. the Gibson trapezoidal ones.

I think the quality of Gibsons is generally higher than that of Epiphone. Gibsons are made in the USA, while Epiphones are made in Japan, Korea, etc.

According to Wikipedia,
Quote:From the early 1970s the Epiphone brand name has been increasingly used by Gibson for lower priced guitars manufactured in countries other than the United States.

The Gibson is probably about 4 or 5 times more expensive, but in general, I think you get what you pay for. That said, it doesn’t seem to me that there are THAT many differences to make it worth your while, especially if you love your Epiphone and are looking for a totally new guitar.

if you get an epiphone…don’t get a gibson copy….epiphone has a few archtop semi hollow body’s that they made before gibson bought them. i own a Epihpone Sheraton II… should look into that….it is epiphones own guitar and it is way better than any gibson copy for around the same price

Well if you wanna talk tech, Epiphone was an independent company in the 50’s that specialized in making hollow body guitars. They were starting to go under when Gibson bought them over, same as what happened with Kramer.

The guys above is correct, 4 out of 5 times the Gibson hollowbody will be more expensive than the Epiphone. However, that 1 our of 5 that Epiphone makes blow the Gibson out of the water. I would say if you are playing out a lot and this will be a guitar that you are going to beat up, maybe go with a lower end Gibson. Their quality is always top notch.

Tom Delonge ES-333
The Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333 is built to the exact specifications of Blink 182’s guitarist, Tom Delonge. This cool archtop combines semi-hollowbody design with the raw power of a USA-made Gibson Dirty Fingers™ Humbucker pickup in a one-of-a-kind signature model.

Epiphone is long famous for its own original semi-hollowbody models from the 1950s Kalamazoo, Michigan era, including the Riviera and the Sheraton. During the same time those guitars were being designed and constructed in Kalamazoo, the ES 335, first introduced in 1958, became a favorite of blues, rock, country, and pop acts for its elegant design and wide array of colorful tone combinations. And now the Tom Delonge ES 333 that classic sound plus Tom’s custom refinements in your hands the Epiphone way.

The Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333 is protected by our famous Epiphone Lifetime Limited Warranty featuring Gibson 24/7/360 Customer Service and guarantees the instrument against defects in materials or workmanship. Experience the Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333, only at your favorite Authorized Epiphone Dealer.


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