Gibson es 333 tom delonge

Gibson ES 333

Gibson es 333 tom delonge

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Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

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The Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333 is built to the exact specifications of Blink-182’s guitarist, Tom Delonge. This cool new archtop combines semi-hollowbody design with the raw power of a USA-made Gibson Dirty Fingers™ humbucker pickup in a one-of-a-kind signature model. The Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333 features a mahogany center block for robust sustain wrapped in a laminated maple body. A solid mahogany neck joined at the 17th fret and the unique and instantly recognizable Tom Delonge “paintjob” featuring an eye-catching cream-colored racing stripe down the center of it’s brown gloss finished body makes a bold statement.

Powerful Looks, Powerful Sound! Aside from the head-turning color-scheme, the real horsepower is under the hood and powered by one Humbucker pick-up. But it’s not just any solitary Humbucker mind you! As Tom Delonge prefers for himself, this semi-hollowbody has one super-HOT Gibson USA Dirtyfingers™ Humbucker pickup right there at the bridge for sound that’s guaranteed to cut through. Described as the critical union between power and dirt, Tom chose this pickup because “It’s awesome. It sounds so good. It has so much more clarity and volume and a much wider sound… I instantly fell in love with it.” Turn it down with the lone volume knob and turn your amp up for a clean, vintage tone, with a hearty breath of smoke. Turn both the guitar and your amp up and smoke the neighbors with Tom’s signature tone!

Still Packed With More Value: Other details include a rosewood fingerboard with traditional “Dot” inlay, quality electronic parts including a full 1” 500K Ohm potentiometer and heavy-duty output jack. It also features chrome hardware including premium 16:1 ratio Grover® machine heads for superior tuning stability and accuracy. Also included as standard equipment on the Epiphone Delonge Signature ES-333 are Epiphone’s exclusive LockTone™ locking Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece which pump out even more sustain and make string changes a breeze.

Always There For You: The Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333 is protected by the Epiphone Lifetime Limited Warranty featuring Gibson 24/7/360 Customer Service and guarantees the instrument against defects in materials or workmanship.

i used to have the fender tom delonge strat, but i could never really get the sound i wanted from it. i tried a used tom delonge epiphone and i loved the way it sounded, so i sold my fender and bought a new epiphone when i first got it, i wasnt sure about the paint job, but the matte finish has grown on me. i would like it if they offered other color options, but oh well when the guitar came from shipping, it was set up perfectly from the start and i didnt have to adjust anything other than changing… the strings to ernie balls. at first i thought the guitar sounded a little too washed together, but leaving the volume at 10 will have that effect. i learned to adjust it (i keep the knob at about 5-7) and now i get great tones. with delay and some phaser you can get sounds exactly like AVA the semi-hollow body adds a nice sound to it as well. it produces a more full tone overall, especially for palm muting. as for the construction, i have no complaints. like i said, it came set up perfectly, the neck feels great, and the tuners are also pretty good it is a little neck heavy, so if youre not holding it and moving around, it will tip, but youre getting a lighter body (which is very nice), so its really not a big deal once youre used to it. overall, if youre looking for a nice rock guitar, this is a nice option. i never played the gibson version, but this works great for getting that AVA and Blink sound. note: i thought about getting an epiphone dot and putting a dirty fingers at the bridge because i really liked the natural finish, but after playing both guitars its clear this is a better product. the neck is noticeably thinner and feels like its higher quality overall
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As reviewed by Ruben on 1/4/2011
This guitar is simply amazing. I’m a die-hard blink-182 and AvA fan, so if I’m going to play a guitar, it’s going to be this one. I’ve played many guitars at GC and none of them have delivered that “blink” sound that the ES-333 delivers. Tell a girl you own a Tom Delonge signature ES-333 and you’ll have her in your bed that same night.

im a huge blink /angels and airwaves fan. i just got this guitar and it is a real nice guitar. its great for blink182 and ava music, it sounds real good for other music as well. i have been playin an epiphone dot studio for the past year and in my opinion sounds better than the es 333 for other music that is not blink 182.the dot studio is more versatille. other than that, its clean sound is great in my opinion and the distortion is sick. im happy with this guitar. the neck is a little bigger than… normal and is hard to solo with this guitar, but thats not what this guitar is for. overall, i love it and it looks awesome
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