Gibson es 333 tom

Gibson ES 333

Gibson es 333 tom

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Tom delonge gibson ES-333 or surf green strat?
price doesn’t matter trying to decide what guitar to get…i play punk/emo/alternative/rock/pop/etc. pretty much anything.i’ve played for 3 years if that matters…and please don’t post stupid crap like “i hate tom delonge he sucks a**”….

Here’s a real answer. Those two guitars are SO different that it is clear that the only reason you are interested in them is because who plays them. That is NOT a good reason to buy a guitar. Especially guitars in this price range. You need to play them and evaluate how they feel to YOU. Not to Tom Delonge or anyone else for that matter. I have seen so many “I cant decide which guitar to buy” questions based upon factors that have nothing to do with the actual instrument that it makes my head spin. PLEASE dont make this your criteria. And please dont let someone talk you into one or the other because it’s cool or not.

Both of these are fine instruments. (By the way, the color has nothing to do with the quality.) The Gibson is more of a mellow jazz oriented sound. The Strat will shred more and is a classic rock/blues sounding guitar. Again, you need to know which one works best with what you play. If you buy a guitar for any other reason, you are wasting your money.
45 years of playing. Sometimes buying the wrong axe for the wrong reason.

Tom DeLonge Signature ES-333 Review

Tom DeLonge Signature ES-333 Recently reviewed by: unregistered, on may 03, 2012
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Price paid: £ 350

Purchased from: GuitarGuitar

Features: Gig bag – Loads of pockets, very useful. Strap – Hasn’t broken in 2 years. // 10

Sound: – Amp – Marshall MG Series 10CD
– Lead – Venom Professional Noiseless Instrument Cable with 90° jack. (Very good)
– Pedal – Boss ME-25 (amazing pedal)
– Clean tones – amazing sound, very jazzy.
– Distortion – again, a fantastic sound, very “punky” (as it should be)
– Effects – sounds very good with effects such as delay, reverb, wah, etc.
– Pickup – Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker x1 – The best I’ve ever used. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action of the guitar was very well set up on my guitar. Loved the factory strings, not sure what they were. Currently using Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings. – Sounds excellent. My only minor concern was the it was matte and after some use it becomes shiny from where you rest your hand. Looks good though, not too bothered. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I’ve played it on stage a few times and I’ve had no problems. // 10

Impression: Style of music – Rock/Punk, Jazz, Metal, Blues. Playing time – 2008-present. “Can I have the Gibson version for this price?” (£350). If stolen – Buy a new one. Love – sounds and playability. Hate – Nothing Favourite Feature – Pickups. Compared this to the ES-335, I preferred the ES-333. // 10


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